Sign Installation Terms

Sign Installations:

 1.   Sign installation prices are based on the following:

1.1 1 Installation to take place within 25km radius from our premises in Honeydew

1.1.2 Height of Installation is not higher than 3m from the ground.

1.1.3 Ground installations:  there are no concrete, roots, paving, pipes, stones, rocks & other  obstruction where poles must be installed into the ground

1.1.4 Wall installations: there is sufficient space for scaffolding/ladders if required.

2.  Clear site photos must be uploaded in the File Uploader.  Photos must be taken from the front, not taken at an angle.

3.  Clear instructions must be uploaded in the File Uploader

4.  Lead time for signs are 2-3 weeks from artwork approval.  Installations will be scheduled once signs are complete & ready. A representative must meet us on site prior to installation.

We have every right to cancel the order if above conditions are not adhered to.

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